AUTUMN SHOW at the Byrne Gallery in Middleburg, Va from 2-6pm on October 19th

New Fall Collection available at trunk shows or by appointment








Photography by Donna Parry, Gechi Robertson and Stephanie Wesolowski

Modeling by Julie Holland, Gechi and Steph




The necklaces in the collection are handmade by the designer herself. Carefully choosing semi-precious stones and pearls, the pieces are classic styles in contemporary designs to be worn again and again.



Attention to the smallest of detail is taken in her distinctive earrings for every day or special occasion. They are timeless, yet modern with remarkable quality and craftsmanship.



Taking a sophisticated approach to designing, she creates feminine and timeless pieces. Bracelets can be worn layered, stacked or on their own creating an individual style.


The gemstones are naturally occurring and hand-cut. The pearls are cultured freshwater. Inclusions in the stones and pearls add to the beauty and uniqueness of each piece.